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What is Aojiru?
Aojiru is a health drink originally made from squeezed green leafed vegetables.
The vegetables mainly used for aojiru are kale, young barley grass, Komatsuna, and green tea leaves. The origin of aojiru is not certain but it is said that in 1943, a doctor started prescribing aojiru, a squeezed kale juice, as a nutritional supplement to his patients. In 1969, aojiru made from a young barley grass was first introduced in Japan. 28 years later in 1997, we launched a further developed young barley grass aojiru called Ryokko Aojiru. Since then, more than 1.7 million people have been enjoying our product.

About Barley
When it comes to barley, we have to trace back to about 8000 years ago.
At that time, barley was already growing in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt areas known as a new crescent zone and a center of the ancient Orient. Because barley was known to flourish vitality and was able to be cultivated in various lands, it's been a common resource of food for thousands of years.

When you hear barley, many of you might think of beer. Barley is famous for a beer material but only its ears and malts are used. Its ears and malts are rich in Vitamin B1, B2, calcium, and dietary fiber; hence its benefits have been handed down from generation to generation.

Young Barley Grass
People did not pay close attention to young barley grass in the past. However, now it is revealed that not only its ears, but its leaves contain abundance of nutrients as well. Today, young barley grass is the hot stock in the health food supplement.

Compared with other vegetables and grains, young barley grass has outstanding amount of dietary fiber. Especially, before the ears grow out, it is soft, tasty, and contains maximum nutritional value.

Nutrition Facts of Young Barley Grass Ingredients of Ryokko Aojiru
Insoluble Dietary Fiber Powdered Young Barley Grass
Carotene / Vitamin A Water Soluble Dietary Fiber
Vitamin B1 Powdered Green Tea
Vitamin B2 Oligosaccharide
Vitamin C Coral Calcium
Vitamin E Lactic Acid Bacteria
Vitamin K Maltitol
SOD (Polyphenol)  

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